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I went to Little Liuqiu and Dapeng Bay again, but this time was different , last time I drove my car to Donggong from Taipei. That was exhausted, which was why I wanted to use a lazy and easy way for the transportation this time. After my specialty of finding the great bargain, I found Donggong/ Little liuqiu/ Dapeng Bay E-Travel Tour Package. I’m going to tell you how great this package is, if you are going to Donggong, Little liuqiu and Dapeng Bay, you can take it as a reference.

This Dapeng Bay E-Travel Tour Package Website combined the most featured food and activities in Donggong, Little liuqiu and Dapeng Bay. Unlike the traffic issue to Donggong in the past, and the round trip boat tickets to Little Liuqiu or the electric scooter rental, they solve all the problems. You can choose the trip that suits you the best. If you want to experience windsurfing or want to eat the local specialties, you can find all the package deals on this website. The package deals provide coupons for 20 to 40 % off, they even offer 50% off if you are in a group of 4 or more.

From transportation, dining to entertainment, they are all in one package, isn’t that super convenient? As long as you have the package that you like, you can book it and book the date that you would like to go. You will get the QR code from the system right after your purchase is successful, all you need to do is bring your phone with your QR code, then you can redeem all the services.

After we came out from Zuoying THSR station, we took the Kenting express (you can check the schedule), the first stop was Dapeng Bay Visitor Center. You can use the QR code to get your scooter, the scooter shop will park the scooter that you need at the visitor center. You don’t need to drag your baggage to find the scooter rental everywhere, it was super convenient.

After you get the scooter, if you have any questions about your trip, you can ask the Dapeng Bay Visitor Center where the location is or where you can go to have some AC and cool down too. If you didn’t plan anything in particular, they suggest some ideas for things to do.

If you come to Dapeng Bay, how can you not take a boat trip here? We had a boat tour with PengFu Travel and have the grilled oysters on the boat. I’ve never done this even though I’ve been here many times. I enjoyed the nice view of Dapeng Bay and ate grilled oysters.

Again, you only need to scan the QR code to board the boat.

If you are still hungry, since you are here in Dapeng Bay, you should go to eat some delicious food in the alleys. That’s why we book this Donggong Three-Hour Food Tour, then we can try as many as we can.


Donggong Food Tour, locals eat here!

Donggong Food Tour first stop- ”Yampong Bridgehead Rice Cake with Minced Pork”

They pour the rice milk soup over the Rice Cake with Minced Pork in Donggong. It is soaked and grounded into rice milk before being steamed. After steaming, the bowls of milk will turn into cakes, which are then topped with thin sausage slices, fried “three-layer” pork and mud lobsters. Finally, it is covered with broth made from milk fish, pork bones.

The authentic Donggong Taiwanese meatballs : Sirmp Meatballs

This hidden food spot in In the Donggong section.2 market. It’s a family owned business for over three generations, 70 years. Locals will come here on a daily basis.

Signature shrimp meatballs paired with three sausages mixed, platter is the most delicious food on earth. They fried the meatballs to a very shiny skins and chewy, bouncy texture. You can eat a whole shrimp inside. The mixed platter are Taiwanese sausages, one with sticky rice, and the other is a bean noodle sausage.

“Wang Jiang Sashimi “

How can you miss the legendary bluefin tuna in Donggang Huaqiao Market?! Look at all that fresh seafood in the glass window, they are selling a variety of seafood such as the most famous bluefin tuna in Donggang, sea urchin and sweet shrimp…etc.


You can get the best deal and the freshest Sashimi here. The juicy and burning wasabi combination paired with the sweet shrimp, I am speechless.

“Rui Zi hao Marlin Fish Oden Rolls”

Besides bluefin tuna, there is an unique fresh deep fried Oden Rolls also in the same Huaqiao Market as “Wang Jiang Sashimi “.


Each of the marlin paste wrap one-fourth of the boiled egg in it, then deep fried it until it turns golden. These golden crispy snacks have a sturdy outside and tender texture inside. They are always made fresh. I can eat 10 of this!

“The Limited Ice with Sergestid Shrimp in Wei Yi Food”

They will only offer this ice for someone who bought the package.

They got the heartwarming awarded from the Tourism Bureau. So if you have any question about your trip, feel free to ask them!

They mix brown sugar, almond and the famous Sergestid Shrimp, sweet and salty flavor with crunchy almond, it’s unexpectedly delicious. They only provide this kind of ice to people who buy the package from the Dapeng Bay E-travel tour website. It’s the best deal.

Wei Yi Information Station is not only selling the Ice with Sergestid Shrimp but also a “Donggong information station.” If you have any question about your trip, don’t hesitate to ask them. People in southern Taiwan are really friendly, they are always kind and passionate to help you.

I bought the Donggong tuna fish floss as a survivor to end this Donggong food tour. (It goes really well with some rice.)


Donglong Temple Herbal Tea

Donglong Temple’ s “Gui Ling Gao” and “Rock Sugar White Fungus Lotus Seed Soup” are very popular and healthy snacks.


I had some “Rock Sugar White Fungus Lotus Seed Soup” this time, it’s not only has full of natural colloid but also can release some heat in summer time. It’s a favorite for girls.

After we finished our meal, we went to the transformer theme area to watch sunset before we checked in.

You can see the Dapeng bridge right behind us. It’s an area where you can see both places, so beautiful. Then we check in our B&B after the sunset.

We assembled at Dong Liu Line Pier after our breakfast. Scanned our QR code to board the boat without worried about buying our tickets in advance, because we used Dapeng Bay E-Travel Tour Package Website.  It’s a time-saving and riskless way to do it. The package of ”Donggong and Little liuqiu round trip boat tickets + electric scooter rental” it’s the best seller now for all in one deal.

It’s only about 20 minutes to get to Little Liuqiu from Donggang harbor, Pingtung. The boat was really comfy and they provided many TVs from different angles. I passed out so fast because we woke up so early, so it felt like we got there fast. By the way, I saw a beautiful rainbow from the boat before we departure. And I am looking forward to go on the main trip today- diving!



Redeem our electric scooter, Little Liuqiu,Isuda Rental

From my experiences in the past, I always need to communicate with the B&B in advance, to make sure that I could get a scooter. However, I only need to go to the specific scooter rental and scan my QR code, then I can get my scooter. You don’t need to reserve it in advance, the package can do it all. Good for a lazy person to get this package.

They will give you the instructions on how to ride the electric scooter, and give you a map of Little Liuqiu. We are ready to begin our one-day trip in Little Liuqiu now. We are on the way to go diving by ridding our scooter in the wind.


Diving to see the sea turtles is the most exciting thing for me on Little Liuqiu. We found the professional “Feng Qian Shui Ocean Club” by the package website. They will choose the diving place according to the water condition that day, and do the training tell you the techniques for breathing. I still saw the cute sea turtles even though I can’t swim at all.

I was so tired and hungry after the diving, I was spacing out and exhausted after we fished the diving and went back to the Feng Qian Shui Ocean Club. Luckily the restaurant is close to us, only a few minutes away by scooter to “DaTou Value Seafood Restaurant” I was starving when we got in the restaurant. The view from the restaurant was great, it really made me look forward to eating some delicious food.

DaTou Value Seafood Restaurant has a four-person set meal, fresh squid, deer meat, all in one.


Feel like I got my energy back. We still hung around on Little Liuqiu, we couldn’t get enough of the beautiful sceneries here, I always feel relaxed when I am by the sea.

“Fried Dough Twists” handmade experience

“Fried Dough Twists” handmade experience. Last two stops, we came here to make some Fried Dough Twists before boarding the boat and bought some souvenirs. It looked so easy when they did it, but when it was our turn to make it, I felt like an idiot when can’t do it right. We brought many bags of Fried Dough Twists home, it’s like we came here shopping. Well…the one I made just a little bit longer than usual.

We went to the “Sweet Potato Cookies information station” for our last stop. These product are also recommended by many people.



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